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At Carenow247, we pride ourselves in offering person-centred support to meet your needs.

Medication Reminder

Do you always forget to take your medication as prescribed?
Our medication reminder service can make all the difference to taking the right medication, the right dose and at the right time.

For more information fill in the enquiry form. Cost from 0.99/day.

We will visit you and discuss your medication and times as prescribed by your GP. We will discuss the most preferred reminding method. e.g. phone call or text. you will then set up a direct debit based on the small daily fee from 0.99/day plus initial assessment fee. We will always be there when you need us, and we will continue to communicate with you.

Appointment Reminder

Do you struggle to remember appointments?
Enrol now on our live diary and we will call you to remind you of your appointments and even arrange transport and carer escort if needed (Transport and escort are arranged through another service and billing and payment is separate). Enrol now. For more information complete the enquiry form. Weekly cost start from 0.99/week paid monthly by direct debit or annually.
What is a live diary? It is a 24/7 managed diary. Whenever you have an appointment, you let us know including any support that you require to attend the appointment. We will then remind you as preferred (calling or texting) and help you make any necessary arrangements to attend such taxi and carer escort. Includes all type of appointments as requested by you. From 0.99 week plus, initial assessment fee.

Welfare Telephone Calls

Do you worry about your loved one?
Living alone can be very lonely and socially isolated. Would you like them to receive regular welfare check calls? Reassurance calls, encouragement call, for more information fill in the enquiry form. Enrol now for our welfare call. Cost from 0.38/day plus, initial assessment fee.
Voice and text reminders are delivered by a phone call or text messaging services.

Our real-time notification when a loved one has confirmed medication-taking gives peace of mind to carers.
The telephone service is available to any elderly person who feels the need for a reassuring call.